Baja Recap

Teddy interviews Pastor Chris Grattan about his trip to Baja with the FCC team this past weekend.

Capable in Baja: Barbara's Story

I joined the Baja Team to introduce my children to missions. I felt that a short weekend trip to Mexico with other FCC children would be a perfect introduction for them, and it was! We had a "mission" to build a house so a family could have a shelter, a home, something we take for granted.

Serving built our confidence and taught us that all are useful. So often parents do everything for their children which sends the message, "You are not capable, so I will do it for you."  The Baja team says, "All are capable and useful to God." 

My family painted, hammered a bit and worked with the children at a Vacation Bible School. We walked through the neighborhood near the "church," which was basically a dirt lot, surrounded by shacks, inviting the children to come and they did, little ones streaming in, holding even smaller kids.  All of us learned that many are happy with very little. The children were so happy with the games and crafts FCC provided. 

This is a great trip for children and seniors. The work was easy if you can handle the heat and bending over. Teddy and Emily Omondi were great leaders, and I would recommend this trip for those who have never been on a mission trip or would like to introduce their children to missions.

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M.O.B. Groups: Bruce's Story

I'm a person who doesn't trust anyone, let alone a group of guys who I don't know with my feelings, and past/present anger issues.

After attending FCC for a few months, men's breakfast, care group, and a men's retreat, I let my guard down (a little) and joined a Men of the Bible (M.O.B.) group.

Through being a part of a M.O.B. group, the Lord has taught me to relax, trust, and to become more involved with the men in my group. Every group is different in how they are run. With each study, I not have a closer understanding of what the lord has and wants of me. I've grown closer to my wife and my brothers the way God has planned for us.

After being in the group for a while, I now co-lead a group in my home. We've become a "Band of Brothers". 

For guys who are new to the church or not yet connected, I would definitely recommend joining a M.O.B. group. I've found that most men are lost souls that are looking for help. They have questions about God, the Bible, and how to get involved with the church or serve where help is needed, or are just looking for some insight on becoming more of a Godly husband, father, friend, or coworker the way God commands us to be through the Bible. o matter where you're at, M.O.B. groups are a great place to start. 

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Volunteering at FCC: Dane & Lisa's Story

    "Allowing God to place us where He needed us has proven to be a wonderful blessing"


"Allowing God to place us where He needed us has proven to be a wonderful blessing"

Lisa and I were interested in fostering a child and had been praying about it. You see, Lisa and myself have a standing joke around here at the Gummig household, that our four grown children have not "produced" any grandchildren for us yet. So we thought foster care would be an option. We found that the answered prayer about fostering was Darcy asking us if we would be interested in teaching Sunday school. We prayed about it and told her that we would be happy to do so in whatever class there was a need. So she gave us the pre-kinder class (4 and 5 year olds). 

First, Lisa and I would have never thought about teaching this age group. But by allowing God to place us where He needed us has proven to be a wonderful blessing. These little knuckleheads have touched our hearts through their comments, silliness, openness, honesty, and innocence. They remind us of when Jesus said  "Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven." -Matthew 18:3.

We would highly recommend serving in the Children's Ministry because the kids are a blast!  It is great to see them understand God's word through stories and it helps us to grasp God's word better because we have to bring it down to their level. 

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Joining a Care Group: Mia's Story

I got involved in a care group because in the past I babysat for care groups with childcare, and saw how close all the members of the group were with each other.  Those in the group were such trusted friends, and great influences on each other.  The group was so tight knit that they hung out together frequently, even outside of church.  Their children played sports together and they all loved one another.  I wanted to grow relationships with people who support my faith and keep me accountable for my struggles.  My care group is a perfect place to create friendships similar to the ones I had seen.  The members of the group care sincerely for you personally, your family, and most importantly, your relationship with the Lord. 

The Lord has blessed me so much with this care group.  Each week the Lord speaks to me in new ways through the people in my group and the study material.  I naturally want to put up a facade of being righteous and hide the things I struggle with.  In the group, God has helped me come to accept the areas where I fail, and be able to open up and lean on the people I trust to help me find God's conviction when I need it, and encouragement when I'm discouraged or doubtful.  

I am certain the best course of action for a newcomer at the church is to join a care group.  It has pushed me out of my comfort zone tremendously; and because of this I have grown in my loving, trusting relationship with the Lord and with others more than I could have pushed myself to grow.  

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