Men's Bible Study

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Men's Bible Study Groups meet throughout the community weekly to build mature men in Christ. Join one of these study groups for fellowship and to strengthen your spiritual walk.


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current Study

“Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Parables: Discovering New Insights in Familiar Passages” by Doug Newton

How does the parable of the good Samaritan redefine acts of social justice, not just acts of mercy? What does the story of the five talents teach us about daily spiritual life? “Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Parables” offers a new perspective on the stories Jesus told to His closest disciples. As in every book in this unique series, Pastor Doug Newton provides life-changing techniques for reading Scripture, such as skills in interpreting one passage using another.

Books available in the church office. Talk to your group leader for more info.




  • Mondays | 7 AM | Chick-fil-A (Brea)

  • Mondays | 7 PM | FCC 301 Building

  • Tuesdays | 6:30 AM | Bruegger’s Bagels (Brea)

  • Tuesdays | 7 PM | Corner Bakery (Brea)

  • Wednesdays | 6 AM | Chick-fil-A (Brea)

  • Wednesdays | 6 PM | Corner Bakery (Brea)

  • Thursdays | 6 AM | FCC Upstairs Classroom

  • Thursdays | 7 PM | FCC 315 Building

  • Fridays | 6:30 AM | FCC 301 Building

  • Saturdays | 7 AM | FCC 315 Building

Men's Ministry Leaders

Felix Telado // Cam Lockwood