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As of January 14

  • LLC Investments: $675,000
  • Gifts Received: $154,081
  • Total Commitments: $829,081
  • Total Needed: $20,919


Friends Community Church began as a church plant from Rose Drive Friends Church in Yorba Linda, CA. The elders of the church saw a need for a new church in the Fullerton/Brea area. As a result, the need was discussed and a pastor was chosen. Pastor Rick Darden, his wife Lani and their family, answered the call to lead this new church. For several months, the Dardens worked alongside a core group of people who helped encourage and support God's plan.  On November 2, 2002 FCC opened its doors for the first time at the Evangelical Christian Credit Union in Brea. In 2008, FCC moved into our new space on Berry and Lambert in Brea.  The four new buildings allowed for growth and areas for ministry.


The following is placeholder text known as “lorem ipsum,” which is scrambled Latin used Fifteen years after our church’s first Sunday, FCC continues to grow and is in need of more space, specifically for children’s and youth programs.  As staff and elders prayed for direction, a building in our complex went on the market.  The space addresses our ministry needs perfectly.  The new space provides rooms for more Sunday school space and allows for Children’s Ministry to officially launch a buddy program for children with special needs.  Not only will this space help children, but the middle school program will have their own facility.  They will use this space on Sunday morning (during the same hour that high school meets in the student center), Wednesdays evenings for youth group and any other ministry events.  FCC is excited to continue to faithfully follow God's lead and see Him work in the lives of people in our church and community today, tomorrow, and in the future! 


The additional space provides not only opportunity for ministry, but an opportunity for you and your family to partner in ministry.  As a church, there are many ways to get involved in Project 307.  First and foremost, we ask you to pledge to PRAY with our Elders and pastoral staff.  This project is a step of faith, and prayer for building details, funding, ministry plans and volunteers is coveted.  In addition to partnering in prayer, funding is needed to complete Project 307.  With congregational approval this facility was purchased with a temporary loan that must be funded by the end of 2017. There are a variety of ways to GIVE to the building project. All donations will support tenant improvements, furnishings, supplies, or purchase of the building. Financial gifts can be given as a one-time donation, three one-time monthly gifts (Oct - Dec), and/or investing in the LLC created to fund Building 307. Not only are prayer and funding desired, but additional VOLUNTEERS will be needed once the building project is complete. More space provides more ministry and more ministry requires more volunteers.  Sunday School teachers, helpers and Buddy Program volunteer positions will be available.  We value your partnership and pray you take this opportunity to get involved in Project 307! 


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