Our vision is to create an environment where Jesus is transforming lives, families are flourishing, and our city is healthy.

Three Ways to Get Involved:

1) Join the Launch Team.

2) Be a prayer partner.

3) Be a financial partner.

Be a part of this noble task. Join us on Sundays at 4 PM in FCC’s 301 Building for Friends Church Fullerton’s weekly pre-launch gatherings. Email Pastor Teddy at teddy@fcfullerton.org to get involved or to ask any questions.


Pastor Teddy Omondi

Thank you for considering joining the team. What is a launch team? This is a team that wants to be a part of preparing and helping to start this new church. We will need many hands to make this happen.

If you have any questions about the launch or about Friends Church Fullerton in general, check out fcfullerton.org or email Pastor Teddy Omondi at teddy@fcfullerton.org.