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High School Summer Camp

Does it ever seem that your life is like a stage performance where you are constantly getting heckled or cheered based on what you do? You perform before the masses and face ridicule when you fail, or await acknowledgement, acceptance, and applause when you succeed. What if the crowd you entertained found out that all of your seemingly majestic acts weren’t truly designed by you? Since they would now be able to see through you, would you be okay handing over the limelight and exposing yourself
as a mere imitation?

Join us this summer at Thousand Pines Christian Camp as we look at the great “Allusion” of the Christian life and, to those willing to seek, reveal the one who truly deserves the applause. 

Drop off at FCC at 1:30pm on Sunday and pick up at FCC at 2pm on Friday

Total Cost: $375

Deposit due June 7 ($175)

Remaining balance due July 19 

Scholarships are available through FCC and Thousand Pines (TP). Please print and return an application to request a scholarship. 

UPDATE: HS Summer Camp is closed to new registrations. We've hit our max number allowed. We are on a wait list for more spots.


  1. Register online (payment options included in registration)
  2. Print Thousand Pines Camp Form (return completed form to the church office)
  3. Print Medical Release Form (return completed form to the church office)





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