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Pastor Rick leads the class on essential church beliefs, decision making in the church, the history of FCC and our role in the Friends denomination. Taking this class is a pre-requisite for membership, but there is no pressure to apply. 

Membership is encouraged at FCC but is not a requirement for attendance or involvement. A few ministry positions, and active participation in the annual business meetings require membership.

The class meets in the upstairs classroom of the main building. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP by Feb 11th if you'd like to request childcare.

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Does FCC offer membership?

Yes, FCC does offer membership for those interested. 

Do I have to become a member to attend FCC or to be involved? 

No, you do not need to become a member to attend FCC or to be involved. There are a few ministry positions that do require membership such as; elders, finance committee, chair of committees.  

What are the advantages of membership?

Membership in a church generally indicates a higher level of involvement and ownership in the ministry. People who go through the membership process tend to have a greater understanding of what the church believes and how the church functions. As a result, when decisions are made by the congregation at our annual business meetings or at called congregational business meetings, only our members are allowed to participate in the discussions. 

There is also a higher level of accountability among our members. By agreeing with church doctrine and the requirements of membership, those who pursue membership are also agreeing to give church elders permission to speak into their lives. 

How do I become a member? 

Membership classes are offered at FCC each quarter. A membership class is a 2-hour class and covers topics such as: church history, doctrine, denomination affiliation, decision making in the church and FCC core values. Upon completion of the class, a membership application must be turned in to the office and one of the elders will set up an interview with the applicant. The main issues focused on in the interview is discerning if the applicant professes faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and if the applicant agrees with the essential doctrines of the church. The elder will then make a recommendation to the elder board. Upon approval by the elder board, the applicant will receive a letter acknowledging their membership.

If an applicant is a member of a different church, the process is the same. At this point, the new FCC member is encouraged to notify their former church of their desire to transfer membership to FCC.  


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