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SUNDAYS, February 22nd - March 29th

Raising children is the most difficult and rewarding responsibility God has given parents on earth. Spiritual Parenting is a 6 week class, using biblical principles, to help guide parents to raise men and women of God by focusing on the heart of their child. This class is geared toward parents of kids aged newborn to high school.

  • Children's Building
  • $10 per couple
  • Childcare available 
  • Needed: Spiritual Parenting Book

Teacher: Pastor Darcy Webster

"As a parent of 4, life revolves around my children. Whether I am carpooling, volunteering with PTA, disciplining or planning a birthday party, life with children is non-stop. I often ask myself am I doing “this” right? No parent is perfect or has all the answers, but with the help of our heavenly Father, parenting is extremely rewarding. Our greatest accomplishment as a mother or father is when our child chooses to follow Christ. Spiritual Parenting allows us the opportunity to view child rearing as an opportunity to shape our children’s heart. In all we do, we must direct our children to the Lord. Join me for this amazing opportunity to share, study and learn how to be spiritual parents."

You will need to purchase your own Spiritual Parenting book and bring to class with you. We would recommend each person has their own copy of the book. You may find the required book at, Barnes & Noble, or SPIRITUAL PARENTING: An Awakening for Today's Families - BY, MICHELLE ANTHONY - ISBN:1434764478

Earlier Event: February 22
Later Event: February 26