Joining a Care Group: Mia's Story

I got involved in a care group because in the past I babysat for care groups with childcare, and saw how close all the members of the group were with each other.  Those in the group were such trusted friends, and great influences on each other.  The group was so tight knit that they hung out together frequently, even outside of church.  Their children played sports together and they all loved one another.  I wanted to grow relationships with people who support my faith and keep me accountable for my struggles.  My care group is a perfect place to create friendships similar to the ones I had seen.  The members of the group care sincerely for you personally, your family, and most importantly, your relationship with the Lord. 

The Lord has blessed me so much with this care group.  Each week the Lord speaks to me in new ways through the people in my group and the study material.  I naturally want to put up a facade of being righteous and hide the things I struggle with.  In the group, God has helped me come to accept the areas where I fail, and be able to open up and lean on the people I trust to help me find God's conviction when I need it, and encouragement when I'm discouraged or doubtful.  

I am certain the best course of action for a newcomer at the church is to join a care group.  It has pushed me out of my comfort zone tremendously; and because of this I have grown in my loving, trusting relationship with the Lord and with others more than I could have pushed myself to grow.  

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Care groups resume the week of September 13th. Two new groups are starting, this is the perfect time to join!

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